Keynote Speakers

We’re honored to introduce our quartet of keynote speakers, whose experience farming the same landscape tells a powerful story of how to succeed at farming succession. 
Our first two keynotes are sustainable farming thought leaders Carl Rosato and Helen Atthowe who created wildly organic Woodleaf Farms using living mulch, native plants and soil fertility practices.


Our second two keynotes are the farmers who Carl and Helen handpicked to buy Woodleaf Farms: farmers market gurus turned farmers,  Danny Lazzarini and Andrew Seidman.

Danny and Andrew, now as “The Peach Jamboree,” plan to preserve Woodleaf’s educational mission by bringing the public onto their land. However, plans may be set back a little bit. We are sad to report that Danny and Drew lost their home and much of their farm in the destructive Wall Fire near Oroville. Danny and Drew are entering their second season as the new owners of this pioneering organic farm, and they need our help. We encourage you to support them after this devastating loss. Friends have started a Gofundme as a first step towards recovery.