2017 CSFC Call for Workshop Proposals

2017 California Small Farm Conference

Call for Workshop Proposals


The California Small Farm Conference will be held on October 29 – October 30, 2017.

Our Mission is to provide relevant educational and networking opportunities and resources to address issues facing farmers, ranchers and farmers’ market managers.

The California Small Farm Conference is for farmers’ market managers, beginning to advanced producers, honoring a small scale approach to growing, processing, selling and marketing food. Pulling together innovators, family farmers and experts in environmentally and economically transformative practices, this event is an opportunity to interact with leaders in your field, to network and to learn about new trends and practices. You will be inspired – and will inspire others – to make California’s small farms, their products and the farmers’ markets and sellers who promote them, shine.
We want to bring in the best farmers, ranchers, producers, farmers’ market managers and marketers to share how they make their crops, animals, markets and businesses grow.  Our guess? This means you!

The main categories of the CSFC 2017 are:

1. Emerging Issues (New laws and regulations, food safety )

2. Farmers’ Markets (CSA’s at your market, marketing strategies, market BMPs)

3. Farm Management (Food safety, labor management, recordkeeping, business planning)

4. Production (Irrigation, organic, specialty crops)

5. Marketing (CSAs, farm stands, agritourism, value-added products)

The 2017 California Small Farm Conference (CSFC) will be held at the Robert Cabral Agricultural Center in Stockton on Sunday, October 29 and Monday, October 30.  This year’s conference will be different from recent California Small Farm Conferences in that it will not be held at a hotel, will be shorter and more affordable for small-scale farmers to attend.

Workshop Proposal Information

Workshops are typically between 60-90 minutes long and will be held on October 30th, 2017.  Successful proposals should be concise (250 words or less in response to each question) and focused on a timely topic.  If you have multiple proposals, you must fill out one form for each proposal. If the topic is targeted towards farmers/ranchers, AT LEAST one farmer/rancher must be included as a speaker. We invite innovative and collaborative workshops on a range of topics, with varying formats. Panels are limited to three presenters, as we have found this format works well within the 60-90 minute workshop segment. This allows at least 20 minutes for Q & A. Forum discussions must have a minimum of three discussants and one moderator.

If your workshop is selected for the conference, one-day registration and one meal will be provided on the day of the speaking engagement to each speaker on the panel and to the workshop coordinator (if not a speaker).  There is no compensation for travel expenses incurred.

Be A Part of the Conference

Interested in sharing your growth experiences? Submit your workshop proposal here.

Due Date: All workshop proposals must be submitted by or before May 31, 2017.