Using Technology to Better Manage Farmers’ Markets

Tue, March 8
10:45 am-12:00 pm
California Salon 2

Using Technology to Better Manage Farmers’ Markets

Certified farmers’ markets are complex systems with numerous legal requirements and data tracking responsibilities. Farmers markets are also one of the last industries to convert to the electronic age of record-keeping. This workshop will demonstrate various appropriate, cost effective technologies that can streamline the process of running a farmers market. Using the appropriate technology in the appropriate ways saves time, money, and headaches while improving vendor and customer relations.


The systems demonstrated will include ManageMyMarket which is custom designed for farmers’ market management, the Square payments system which can act as a virtual ATM, and FM Tracks which gives market managers the ability to track overall farmers’ market activity as well as nutrition incentive programs.


This workshop is designed for anyone with a hand in running a farmers’ market though beginning audiences and others without any automation of their systems would benefit most significantly.

Moderator: Allen Moy, Executive Director, Pacific Coast Farmers’ Market Association