Clara Andino and Shanee

Clara Andino and Shanee


Clara grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, spending lots of time in a tiny city yard with a beautiful plum tree where her love for food was first born. She moved to San Francisco as a teenager where she planted the backyard with trees, vegetables and herbs. Clara was a pie baker and a landscaper before she went back to Argentina to farm. After farming in Argentina for two years, she truly discovered her passion for farming. She attended the farming program at CASFS (Center of Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems) at UCSC in 2013 and taught there in 2014. She moved to Sacramento to work for the non-profit Soil Born Farm. In 2016 Clara met Shanee at the farmer’s market, they fell in love and decided to farm together.

Shanee grew up in a kibbutz in Israel in the late 70’s and early 80’s. He has fond memories of running around in the avocado orchards as a kid and experiencing first hand the freedom of living off the land. As an adult, Shanee always kept a robust garden going and learned how to cook delicious food with his vegetables. In 2013 he attended a farmer training program at Center for Land Based Learning in Winters, CA. In parallel that year, Shanee and his friend Elle started a farm on an incubator plot and ran it for a season. After the program he started to pursuit of finding land to begin farming. In 2015 he found a small 2 acre plot of land in an urban neighborhood in west sacramento and Bird Dog Farm was born.

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