Sean McCauley

Sean McCauley


Sean’s family were almonds/poultry farmers since the early 70’s; the family also dry farms over 5,000 acres of Wheat, Barley and Safflower. Sean McCauley and his family now own McCauley Olive Groves in Brentwood, California in Contra Costa County. They manage 200 acres in Spanish and Italian varieties of olive trees, currently produce their own label of local California Extra Virgin Olive Oil as well as operate a country store offering olive oils, balsamic vinegar, local nuts, honey, gift baskets and other items. McCauley is on the Board of Directors of the agritourism association, Harvest Time in Brentwood. Harvest Time has about 50 member-farmers who market their U-Pick farms, farm stands and other agritourism operations together. The organization also organizes an annual harvest festival in Brentwood and is planning collaborative marketing with other agritourism communities and tourism destinations in the region.

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Agritourism – a Community Approach

Mon, October 30
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