A complete guide to California communities and their roots

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The story of California communities

California's communities have been shaped by multiple waves of immigration which have helped to turn them into the bustling and vibrant communities that they are today. The state is one of the most diverse in the entire US, making it a popular place to live and visit for people from all over the world. Discovering more about these roots can make any trip to California significantly more enjoyable and interesting, no matter where a person comes from.

California communities and geography

The geography of California has had a massive impact on the communities that have sprung up there. All of the biggest cities in the state are coastal; putting them near the significant natural resources offered by the Pacific Ocean. Further inland, communities are further spaced apart, which can often make them more close-knit and home to a warm and welcoming family atmosphere.

The impact of Asian immigration

People from East Asia have been moving to and settling in California for centuries but it was after the end of the Second World War that these communities started to move to the state in significant numbers. Many of these new arrivals brought traditions and foods from their home countries with them and have passed many of these down the generations. This means that cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles are now genuine melting pots where anyone can sample cultures from around the world.